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Bixby was 12 years old when the world ended. A mysterious mist had blanketed the earth, turning most of the world's population into blood-sucking monsters. The remaining survivors plummeted to the bottom of the food chain.

Now, eight brutal years later, these survivors face another challenge-a new threat is turning the tide of war between humans and the infected. This threat may very well spell doom for the last vestige of humanity.
In a race against time, Bixby and her crew battle to stop the decimation of the human race at the hands of these new mutations.

They are the last strain of resistance.

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My name is Bixby. I'm a survivor. After eight years of fighting the alien invaders and gangs of ravagers that destroyed our world, we thought we had lived through the worst of it.
We were so wrong.

The invaders have evolved. They've become smarter. Stronger. Deadlier. Creating a human-leech hybrid.

There may be a way for us to eradicate this new threat. But that entails a perilous expedition over three hundred miles of infested territory. Three hundred miles of leeches, ravagers, and hybrids, all on the hunt for blood.
What could possibly go wrong?



We had one assignment—eradicate the new threat posed by the alien parasites. And we thought we had won.

What should’ve been a joyous return home after a grueling mission has now turned into a race against time to save those we love. The Grand, our safe haven, has been invaded. Our people either dead or kidnapped.


 But can our people trust us to come to their rescue when we can't even trust each other?

Luke and Sam. Sam and Luke. So many lies. So many cover ups. So much pain.
One of them will be my salvation. The other my downfall.

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Sometimes an inheritance can be a curse.

Blood. That’s what Tara sees. Her village destroyed. Her Grada dead. Her friends taken.

Now she’s chasing shadows—a cryptic message to find someone she’s never heard of in a town she’s never visited. But strange things is what Tara will find. Things she can’t explain. People will fear her. Others will want her caught. Powerful people.

Blood. Her blood. That’s what they want. And they’ll do anything to get it.




Tara is coming into her power. It's becoming stronger. More commanding. More terrifying. She wants nothing to do with it.
She doesn't want to be a New Blood. She doesn't want to be a hero. She wants no part in the rebellion against the Prezedant. But he has left her no choice.

The Prezedant has taken her last remaining kin hostage and is requesting an exchange. Her life for Ben's.

It will begin and end at the Prezedant's Masquerade Ball in a battle against the tyrant and a daring escape that will literally shake the world.

The quest that began in Crimson Legacy book 1 continues.



The third and final instalment of USA Today Bestselling author Michelle Bryan's post-apocalyptic series

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Previously published as Prophecy of Darkness.

I never meant to tear the kingdom apart or fall in love with its princess.

The prince is truer than any brother could be, but I hope he never risks his life for mine.

And who am I? Davion, an orphan boy with no family name, no history. 

The only two things I own are the heart beating inside my chest and the sword I’ll use to defend the royal family. 

Even if it kills me.

Our kingdom is dying, and the only thing that can save us is a magic I’ve never seen, one I can hardly believe in. 

Yet, I will follow the prince and princess across the border into the dark kingdom if that’s what it takes. 

I just never imagined the greatest threat to the realm was me. 


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